MARISA has been teaching and performing LambadaZouk for the past 9 years and is a

United Kingdom Alliance Qualified Dance Teacher. She also teaches and performs other Brazilian dances such as Samba and Samba Axé and is a Dance and Fitness Instructor for EveryOneActive and LA Fitness. Marisa’s previous experience has been in Jazz and Ballet. She trained in Jazz and Ballet up until the age of 15 and has acquired numerous certificates and medals from professional organisations. Marisa developed a passion for LambadaZouk back in 1997 after taking lessons with Berg Dias and then Patricia Rezende. She trained with Patricia Rezende and performed with her Dance Group Beija Flor for a number of years before winning 1st Prize in the UK Lambada Championships 2001 and then going on to teach and build her own classes and develop her own style. Marisa dances LambadaZouk with elegance and passion, and has a great aptitude for learning new dance styles. She is well known for her flexibility, adaptability and technique as a dancer, and has performed with a number of top male dancers dancing different styles, such as Berg Dias, Braz Dos Santos, Heber and of course her main dance partners Gary Carr and Joao-Paulo. She has a good reputation as a sensitive and intuitive teacher giving great encouragement to her students and teaches an excellent technical base of LambadaZouk and Samba thus helping her students learn and improve quickly.

GARY has been teaching LambadaZouk with Marisa for the past 3 years and is also a

United Kingdom Alliance Qualified Dance Teacher. He has been dancing for the last 12 years with his background in Jive, Lindy and Contemporary dance. Gary has a modern and creative style of dancing LambadaZouk and brings out the energy and creativity of his students. His philosophy has always been that the shape and movements of a dance should always be inspired by the music we dance to first and foremost, but also retain the original feel for basic and traditional style. He has a strong belief that dance should mature and expand with the music of the day, and thus retain a freshness and new energy.

Together Marisa & Gary

teach and run a number of LambadaZouk venues in London. They have organised LambadaZouk Congresses in England in 2005, 2006 and 2007 and have taught and performed at Lambada Congresses in Amsterdam 2005 & 2007, Barcelona 2006 & Brazil 2007. They have also taught specialist LambadaZouk workshops for CEROC and have taught and performed on Dance Holidays with Eagle Activity Tours. Both Marisa and Gary currently perform for the Latin dance group “DanceMyWay”  lead by Monika Molnar.