Dance Tips

Lambada dance Technique and developing your Lambada Style Zouk Music

In order to create the right look when dancing Lambada it is necessary to dance on the balls of your feet although the men may not stand as lifted on the balls of their feet as the women do. The dancers have soft knees rather than straight legs and soft hips, the position of the body is upright and the heart is lifted but not strained. In lambada, as in other Latin Dances there is not a overly forced movement of the hips, this is more a consequence of changing weight from one foot to the other in the correct

fashion. This soft sway of the hips and transference of weight over the feet is typical of movement required when travelling forward and back or travelling forward across and around your partner. Another aspect of lambada movement is when the couples come together and dance closely. The follower dances on the balls of their feet (heels off the ground — as if tip-toeing on hot sand) with a twisting motion so that their steps become more of a “grind” (as if stubbing out a cigarette) which emphasises their hip movements — this is less important for the man. It is important to always fully shift your weight fully from one foot to the other. Finally unless the music is really slow always take smallish steps. When the music is particularly slow you will need to lengthen your footwork but steps should never be over done footwork needs to always be clear and tidy otherwise your steps will become confused you will lose your body movement and the timing. Footwork is the most important element of the dance when this is achieved and you gain confidence in it you will start to acquire real grace and control

Weight distribution and balance

Your weight should be focused into the middle of the foot. The hips will look more exaggerated if you keep the upper body steady although when you become more experienced the up body movement can developed by isolating the upper body which moves rhythmically over the lifted hip. Above all don’t bounce around or sway the upper body about – it looks very untidy and you will lose your balance the key is to be relaxed and be natural in all your movements. If the girls want to look sexy don’t sway about, just relax and concentrate on the music don’t believe the hype that certain races are not born with an innate ability to dance. If you are relaxed, & natural ,listen to the music the music will move you once you know your steps, hence the saying “getting in to the music”. A little tip on being relaxed is not to concentrate on your self but rather direct your concentration towards the music and following or leading your partner then when you stop thinking so much about your self you will become far less inhibited.

Practice your technique and improve

Lambada looks deceptively easy but like all things worth while it takes time and isn’t as easy as it looks especially for the men who have to develop a number of different abilities at the same time, such as learning moves, leading the lady on the right timing and trying to get the footwork right, while leading your lady on the right beat. The best advice for the men is to practice the footwork to music, as much as possible during the week at home or privately in a studio so that you become comfortable with the timing and general patterns within the Lambada footwork. The feet will take care of themselves and then the men can focus on leading their partners and other aspects of the dance. As a matter of

principle if you can dance twice a week you will not lose confidence or have time to forget routines whilst the dance is becoming second nature. Any new dance takes time before you will become fully comfortable with its timing and style of movement. You’re muscels have to develop a muscle memory and get used to being used in the dances unique fashion. To really improve, a minimum of twice a week will do it, three times will bring on rapid progression. Just don’t give up. You will have bad weeks and good ones. The most important aspect of progress is to enjoy the journey. You will find the frustration will turn to sudden improvement and pleasure, in time.

As we have already emphasised keep your footwork clear the steps neither too big or too small until you master the dance. Don’t start rocking your shoulders or bobbing up and down, concentrate on the feet make them do the work. The balls of your feet should be pushed down into the floor smoothly and your weght fully transfered over the foot in time with the rhythm of the music, your knees and hips should always remain soft but never slump or stick your bum out. If you concentrate on the music and work on your basic step you will build a solid foundation in the dance. Men you will find the job of learning routines easier and lady’s you will develop the art of following with grace and style if you work on these essential dance techniques that put the Lambada into the modern LambadaZouk dance that we all love to dance and watch today. Good Luck!

Finally a few quick Tips