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Learn the Lambada of today it is a twist of Lambada to melodic French Caribbean Zouk and Latin music. This new dance is sexy, energetic and sensual. It is a dance women love for its femininity and sensuality whilst not having any sleazy overtones. The men develop the art of poise and control on the dance floor that is both strong and masculine,whilst displaying a softness that drives women crazy. This is the Modern Lambada. Also known internationally as Lambada/Zouk. Why not learn this hot and sexy dance, as danced both Internationally and in many London clubs. Do you have what it takes to develop this art of dance? All of our dance instructors are Discovery trained exercise to music course graduates with knowledge of correct health and safety procedure for teaching dance classes, so you know you’ll be in good hands.

The Modern Lambada or LambadaZouk as it is called now, is danced to a slow-quick-quick rhythm, on the first third & fouth beat of the bar. The dance is very smooth with lots of rhythmic upper and lower body movements. The music we now dance to is mainly “Zouk love” from West Africa and the French Caribbean. The dance retains much of the original steps and wave like movements from its origin Lambada. It is also quite common to dance Lambada today some RnB, Latin pop and Arabic/Turkish pop music.
What all this music has in common is the basic slow quick quick Rhythm and a sensual melody.The Modern version of Lambada is more up tempo than the Zouk style from Rio and Brasilia or Holland but tempo of the dance is still much slower than the original Lambada of the eighties. The style from London shares most in common with those dancing to Zouk music in Porto Seguro, Sao Paulo, Argentina, Spain, Australia, Japan and New York due to our similar foot work techniques, and on the whole we all dance on the one or 1st slow beat in the music.
More on LambadaZouk, Zouk and Orginial Lambada Basic Step and Timing
LambadaZouk basic step is on the whole danced over 2 bars of music, there are 4 beats to a bar and 8 beats in two bars of music. We start basic step stepping on the 1st beat of the bar, (men in place on the right, ladies in place on the left) the pause in the basic step is over the 2nd beat as we transfer our weight or move forwards or backwards. We then we step quick, quick on the 3rd and 4th beats of the bar (men stepping left, right and ladies stepping right, left either on the spot or men traveling forwards on their left and ladies back on their right). Therefore over 2 bars of music or 8 beats we only step on 6 beats, with the foot in the air over the the 2nd and 6th beats of the musical bar. Technically the correct count for Lambada Zouk basic step is on the 1st,3rd 4th & 5th 7th 8th beat of the bar or Slow, quick, quick, Slow, quick, quick. The slow is over two beats the quick one beat